eMag Solutions: Reliable, World-Class eDiscovery Regardless of the Medium

A trusted partner with an unmatched depth and breadth in data and backup tape restoration, recovery, migration and traditional e-discovery services regardless of the medium or format. eMag is focused on increasing value and decreasing the cost of e-discovery and related services.

eMag Solutions provides eDiscovery technology, and backup tape restoration, recovery and migration solutions. Through unmatched expertise and proprietary software eMag helps corporations, government agencies, law firms and legal services providers lower legal and operating costs while easing the burden of compliance and reducing risk, regardless of the complexity of the medium or format.

  • 40+ Years Experience
  • We process any data format from any source
  • We process your data on-site in any jurisdiction
  • Proud to be a certified WBENC vendor

An eDiscovery pioneer for over four decades, eMag Solutions has an unmatched ability to process any data format from any source, on-site, in any jurisdiction around the globe. Based in Atlanta with offices in New York and the United Kingdom, our innovative solutions combine on-site or remote eDiscovery experts and advanced proprietary and licensed technology. Whether you are working with backup tape, audio tape, hard drives, optical drives or are looking for an eDiscovery partner to help reduce costs. eMag has the experience to deliver solutions.

Our eDiscovery experts are force multipliers for your litigation support team, IT departments, and solution architects with a focus on ongoing communication and attention to detail. eMag leverages our proprietary software and licensed software and packages for all backup tape and data projects.

Why Choose eMag?

Rapid Results. Our expertise and experience allows us to quickly recognize and resolve data issues unfamiliar to others but easily recognizable to our team of experts. We turn data problems into valuable solutions. Because we have been a leader in backup tape and data solutions for decades, we are able to move faster, more accurately and at lower cost. We optimize data to help speed resolution of challenging e-discovery projects, implementations of enterprise content management suites, data migration projects or other IT solutions.

A Global One-Stop Shop. We empower multinational corporations, simplify and streamline eDiscovery through a single, worldwide provider. Our services and hosted solutions have been deployed in the United States, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia with mobile capabilities to accommodate differing regional data privacy models. Leveraging our UK production facilities, we work with data without having to transport data outside of the EU.

Trusted Experts. With over 40 years of expertise in accessing data from various archived media, eMag is the recognized leader in data and backup tape restoration, data conversion, and processing large pools of disparate legacy data. We extend and internal and partner teams with experts in media management, data restoration, data culling and filtering, and data conversion. We take pride in providing outstanding support and quality control.

Let us help you while keeping costs in check. Contact eMag Solutions today.